Lakewood Subdivision

On November 16, 2004 Tacoma Rail took over the freight service operations from the BNSF Railway on the Lakewood Subdivision.

To provide this service, Tacoma Rail has trackage rights over Sound Transit Line between Dupont and South Tacoma.

The Lakewood Subdivision serves 11 customers. We serve the Lakewood Industrial Park located in Lakewood.

Service is generally twice a week.

Rate & Routing Information

Alpha Code: TMBL
Numeric Code: 759
Carrier Type: Tariff switching line via interchange with BNSF (UP traffic handled to select stations under switching and haulage arrangements between BNSF and UP)
Junction: DuPont, WA

Interchange for all traffic is with BNSF at DuPont. Tacoma Rail is a handling line carrier for BNSF, with Tacoma Rail freight charges included in BNSF rates (except for special train service and special switching charges). In addition, Tacoma Rail provides service to certain industries accessible to the Union Pacific under BNSF’s switching or haulage arrangements. Generally, TMBL does not appear in the route, as stations on these lines are BNSF stations, or UP stations where appropriate, for rate-making purposes.

Demurrage charges on these lines are made by Tacoma Rail under provisions of tariff TMBL 6004.