Rail Management Team

Dale King


Dale King has been the railroad’s superintendent since December 2008. He began his career with the Central Railroad Company of New Jersey in 1974 and continued with its successor, Conrail. Dale joined Burlington Northern Railroad in 1983 and held several positions in its operations and marketing departments. He moved to Willamette Industries in 1995 and, following its acquisition by Weyerhaeuser in 2002, was named Director of Rail Services. In that role, Dale was responsible for Weyerhaeuser’s rail operations in North America, which included the management of five short line railroads. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in transportation from Arizona State University, an MBA from Indiana University and is a certified member of the American Society of Transportation & Logistics.


Alan Matheson

Assistant Superintendent

Alan Matheson has been Assistant Superintendent at Tacoma Rail since 2016. He joined the railroad in 2005 as an operations supervisor, transitioned to oversight of the maintenance of way and mechanical sections, before his appointment as Assistant Superintendent. In this role, he is responsible for developing and managing capital outlay projects, as well as participating in policy development and defining strategic direction. His role encompasses risk management and regulatory compliance, as well as maintaining effective relationships with other relevant organizations and government agencies at the state and federal levels and representing Tacoma Rail in interactions with policy makers.  Matheson served as a Pacific Region Board member for the American Shortline and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) from 2016 – 2023 and remains active in the trade association.

Prior to joining Tacoma Rail, Mr. Matheson was general manager for American Orient Express (AOE) Rail Services and was responsible for maintenance and refurbishment of vintage luxury railcars operating in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.


Tim Flood

Terminal Superintendent

Tim Flood is Tacoma Rail’s Terminal Superintendent; he oversees the entire Operating Department and has been in that position since 2007. In this role he is responsible for implementing policy, execution of the daily operating plan, and supervision of 75 plus employees in the coordination and safe operational movement of all train activities on two divisions. Flood began his railroad career in train service, as a Conductor with the BNSF Railway, in early 1998 and has held the positions of Yardmaster, Trainmaster and Intermodal Hub Manager. Prior to his railroad career he served as a Hotshot Wildland Firefighter in California, working on fire suppression efforts throughout the United States. He has non-profit experience serving as President of the Transportation Club of Tacoma as well as the Tacoma Community College Foundation Board for many years. He is passionate about customer service, relationships in the transportation industry, and giving back to the community through charitable work. Tim has a Bachelor of Science degree from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo.


Rail Management Team 5 Dan McCabe

Chief Information/Financial Officer

Dan McCabe is Tacoma Rail’s CIO/CFO and manages it’s finance and technology. He has received national awards on behalf of Tacoma Rail for his work in the railroad technology field. His work in writing financial applications has garnered more than $19 million in grants and zero interest state loans. Dan has been in the railroad industry for over 19 years and was certified as a locomotive engineer. He is a Tacoma native and has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Western Washington University.


Lori Daniels

Chief Administration Officer

Lori Daniels is responsible for various labor relations, which include negotiation of collective bargaining agreements under the Railway Labor Act, creation of innovative labor/management strategies, succession planning, recruitment and employee retention; compliance with Federal Railroad Administration regulations; and budgetary support and fiscal responsibility. Daniels began her career at TPU in 1989 as a customer service assistant and moved to Human Resources in August 1996. Daniels moved to Tacoma Rail in January 1999 and held the positions of administrative secretary, administrative assistant and supervisor of operations until taking her current position in July 2006.