Mountain Division Information

The Tacoma Rail Mountain Division (TRMW) is distinct from the rest of Tacoma Rail. It is considered a separate railroad, as the track is owned directly by the City of Tacoma – not by Tacoma Public Utilities -and is operated by Tacoma Rail under contract to the City.

The Mountain Division is the tail end of the former Milwaukee Road. It was operated by Weyerhaeuser as the Chehalis Western Railroad before being briefly operated by the Tacoma Eastern Railroad. Tacoma Rail started operating the Mountain Division in November 1998.

The Mountain Division consists of 97 route miles extending from Tacoma through Frederickson, where it splits with one line from Eatonville to Morton, and another to McKenna. The Mountain Division serves 14 customers, mostly in the Frederickson area.

The Mount Rainer Scenic Railroad (MRSR) leases the portion from Eatonville to Morton for passenger excursion service.

Rate & Routing Information

Alpha Code: TRMW
Numeric Code: 816
Carrier Type: Handling line for BNSF; Switch carrier for UP active
Junction: Tacoma

The TRMW is a handling line carrier for BNSF Railway, with TRMW freight charges included in the BNSF rate (except for special train service and special switch charges). TRMW stations are BNSF stations for ratemaking purposes. Consult BNSF for rates to and from TRMW stations via BNSF.

TRMW is a switch carrier for Union Pacific Railroad (UP). UP may absorb TRMW charges, depending on the provisions of the rate governing the linehaul movement over UP. Please consult your rate authority to determine if or how much TRMW switch charges are absorbed by UP. TRMW switch charges are contained in tariff TRMW 8000. Switch charges are subject to a fuel surcharge, which is adjusted quarterly.

Interchange with BNSF and UP is at Tacoma, WA.

TRMW traffic is subject to the same demurrage provisions as all other Tacoma Rail customers. Read more information on our demurrage plan.